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Let's Take Our Democracy Back

Reforming our democracy is essential to protecting our water, taking bold action to address the climate crisis, and protecting our communities. The influence of corporate special interests has slowed or even reversed progress cleaning up toxic chemicals, safeguarding drinking water sources, and holding polluters accountable.


We need to act fast. An Act to Improve Outdoor and Indoor Air Quality for Communities Burdened by Transportation Pollution will improve indoor and outdoor air quality. An Act Restricting Toxic PFAS Chemicals in Consumer Products to Protect Our Health will ban the use of toxic PFAS in carpets, rugs, upholstered furniture, textile sprays, car seats, personal care products, and cookware.

You can help end and reduce these toxic routes of exposure by sending a message to your representatives below!

toxic chemicals_pfas_food packaging_RI_rhode island

McDonalds is doing it. Taco Bell is doing it.  Whole Foods is doing it. New York and Washington States are doing it.

They are all getting PFAS out of their packaging.  Now’s the time for California to do the same!

The California Safer Food Packaging and Cookware Act (AB1200) bans toxic PFAS chemicals in paper food packaging; requires that cookware manufacturers disclose hazardous chemicals; and stops misleading advertising about unsafe chemicals in cookware.

NJ Fund climate justice

The climate crisis clock is ticking. We can't allow a budget to be finalized that doesn't meet the gravity of this moment. Write a letter to the Assembly and Senate Budget Committee members as well as to your own state legislators, and tell them that a 2022 budget that cuts clean energy dollars and underfunds mass transit is unacceptable! 

Rooftop solar panel installation

The Board of the Pedernales Electric Co-op recently voted to impose new fees on customers who want to put solar panels on their homes, and also voted to pay both new and existing solar customers less money for the energy these panels produce. 

Ban the Flow of Toxic PFAS

Polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are chemicals that are toxic at very low levels, causing testicular and kidney cancer, high cholesterol, colitis, and immunosuppression, including reduced response to vaccines.

The more we look, the more we find PFAS—in products,  air, drinking water, sludge, surface water, food, plants and in…. US! Ninety seven percent of Americans tested have PFAS in their blood.